We don’t just distribute goods. We delve into how they work and how they sell to ensure that our customers and your customers are supplied with the right products, at the right time.

Team Time

Our team has a broad range of skills and depth in experience. We have posh girls in purchasing that swear a lot and crazies in the warehouse that drink eggnog at Christmas – like many other businesses, I imagine.

But what sets us apart is not our colourful language or penchant for cocktails; it’s the talent, passion and commitment of our 5-a-side teams… er, I mean people, who have broken down traditional departmental silos to work (and play) together and actually enjoy doing it!

With diverse skills and personalities, essential to the smooth operation of our business, we have a shared goal of building an increasingly agile company, focussed on performance and customer loyalty. In such a fluid marketplace, we believe it is crucial to be able to adapt to change, especially so in our industry, where we form a key link in the supply chain. This is only achievable with clear communication and strong collaboration across the entire business and beyond with our customers, partners and suppliers.Marketing

P-P-P-Picking products that people are passionate about, packaging our proposition and promoting to the world. Easier said than done? Not in our case, with an intro like that and the talented types working here, it’s easier done than said!
A rare breed – how these guys can know so much about so many products and who wants what, when and where is remarkable! However, if you need information on any product’s pricing, specification, stock availability, proposed delivery date or anything else, call the number on the homepage. (It’s okay to write this here ‘cause they only ever read the first sentence in paragraphs).
Sourcing, negotiating, procurement and pricing – a continuous cycle for 1000’s of products – these guys are so gifted, meticulous in their scrutiny of data and analysis of trends. Not without a funny quip, they are solitary creatures, distinguishable by their ‘I love spread sheets’ paraphernalia.
Stock management
A congenial bunch of coffee-drinking squirrels, impeccably maintaining our stock and optimising inventory, it’s a wonder then we keep running out of teabags!
This is the primary emotion of the team with the same name. It’s what they live for. It’s what gets them up in the morning. And to get them out of the office, after their shift, we need to turn their lights off, either that or stand them a foaming ale or sherry at the pub.
Goods-in / despatch
The first law of survival – make sure it’s on their radar! Put these guys behind the 8-ball, throw them a curve ball, drop the ball, pretty much anything with ‘ball’ in it, then it’s time to apply the second law of survival – don a padded cod piece! I jest, the stuff always get shipped, on time.
Customer service
Dealing with purchase enquiries, tracking deliveries, arranging returns, collections and refunds, this is an understanding team of people, not automatons responding from (A) a predefined script (B) a far-flung country or (C) A.
Woven into every aspect of the business, the finance team are responsible for the financial management and planning, payment of goods and services, invoicing, refunds, tracking expenses (honestly, that receipt marked ‘room entertainment’ was a Bruce Willis movie) and salaries – they are my favourite team.
Software Development
‘Have you tried turning it off and switching it back on again?’ The IT crowd in the basement shape our supply chain platform and make sure it’s compatible with the many disparate systems belonging to our manufacturer and retail partners. They keep a goat.

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