There’s been a lot of dotting the ‘i’s at Maxiim while planning and building our supply chain management platform but it has been worth it! Now highly automated, deeply integrated and widely accepted, we bring you…

…the latest in supply chain management software

System integratin’ channel addin’, product enrollin’, stock managin’, quote placin’, order acknowledgin’, order processin’, order amendin’, status updatin’, label printin’, manifest creatin’, despatch notifyin’, invoice trackin’, returns validatin’, sales reportin’, lip smackin’…

Ok, it might not have the same ring as the original but it’s intended to highlight the amazing amount of functionality that we have built-in to our platform. We’ve named it Agile Supply™ – aside from its versatility, it’s a lot catchier than integrated supply chain management platform. Here are some of the highlights:

Multiple supplier and channel integrations
Seamless integrations with both manufacturers and retailers allow us to manage, promote and sell extended ranges across an extensive network.
Product catalogue
A categorised catalogue with detailed specifications, supporting data sheets and associated rich media, accelerates product listings.
Purchase management tools
Improved purchase order writing and the tracking of supplier performance helps us maintain the requisite levels of stock and realistic customer expectations.
Inventory management
Stock management tools for forecasting and inventory optimisation improve availability and enhance customer service.
Order management software
Automated order acknowledgement, product data transformation irrespective of source, simple processing and order tracking from the point of purchase to delivery
Warehouse management
Management of the supply chain requires robust logistics capabilities as part of the overall system. Our warehouse is now a key part of this supply chain.
Automated reports
Stock and sales reports, competitor analysis and price tracking are crucial tools for forecasting and demand planning.
E-commerce software
Pre-integrated, white label e-commerce site for online merchants, offering complete flexibility and control over the presentation, content, and functionality.

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