Retailers expand range without risk, eliminate upfront inventory and maintain a positive cash-flow cycle. Manufacturers get brands adopted across multiple channels. Customers reap the benefits of timely deliveries and competitive prices.

For manufacturers…

If content is King...
…distribution is Queen. Our channels to market and automated systems, help you get a higher proportion of your portfolio adopted by our retail partners; and in the process, reduce retailers’ implementation costs, including taking care of the job that everyone loves, new line form production.

Our system is integrated with many of the major retailers across a wide range of categories offering fabulous exposure for your brands.

Championing your brand
As your partner and custodian of your brands, we are committed to leveraging and delivering the maximum value, in line with your business objectives.

We work hard to establish mutually beneficial business partnerships, tailored to specific requirements and market opportunities. Moreover, we implicitly understand the importance of protecting and building brands, which is why leading manufacturers consistently chose us as their preferred partner.

Our knowledge and understanding of the market, our close working relationships and our passion for the business continues to inspire new opportunities and bring more value to our business partners.

Products only go live on the websites you choose and are easy to remove giving you the power to open up new markets whilst completely protecting your brand.

For retailers…

Fill your wellies!
We help you expand your online range without upfront investment by linking to our extensive catalogue, streamlining the product set-up processes and managing ongoing stock status. The products are sold directly from your online stores, with your own terms and conditions, pricing and customer relationships.

Optimising inventory
Or put more simply, try before you buy! With our drop ship service, you are able to determine whether a product resonates with your customers before investing time and taking on inventory.
Honouring your promise
Our goal is to deliver on your promise, improve the experience and make it memorable for all the right reasons.

Products can be shipped in either branded or  unbranded packaging. If required, our customer service team is on hand to help address any concerns or resolve any issues, which helps to reduce the your overheads. Customers are able to use a single returns address – operated by us but carrying the retailer’s brand. Customers return products to our distribution facility where they are checked to ensure that only authorised products are returned to the supplier for reimbursement.

We provide a service guarantee for order completion or refund, similar to the UK Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) regulations.

For all…

Faster, cheaper, better
…the ethos that underpins our supply chain management platform, Agile Supply™. It has been developed from the ground up with the functionality borne out of our ambition to streamline the supply chain process and deliver perfect order fulfilment – from enquiry to payment.

Multiple, seamless integrations with retailers and manufacturers, irrespective of the systems they use, ensures a consistent order fulfilment process, greater specialism and better performance. With better operational efficiencies we have an edge in a marketplace where margins count.