Uniquely positioned, with drop ship capabilities, we give retailers the chance to gauge demand before electing to buy from us in bulk. Did we mention, we do bulk?

Channeling our efforts
We have established our business servicing a broad range of retailers, from supermarkets and catalogue merchants to discount and speciality stores. With expert personnel and state of the art systems, we are able to supply goods as either drop ship vendor or bulk distributor.

An in-depth understanding of how retailers operate and how they sell helps ensure we supply the right products at the right time and maximise the business opportunities. Our quality of service is paramount and we are continually evolving and improving our offering in line with an ever-changing marketplace.

In this day and age you don’t need to have a physical presence on the high street or retail park. Indeed, our role as drop ship vendor or direct distributor is in support of e-commerce businesses – that is, literally any business who cares to sell their products from a website. This is already a core component of the retailers’ businesses with significant year on year growth.

Some manufacturers choose to sell online too with the number projected to grow. Strategic considerations aside, we remove the operational hurdles, like warehousing, inventory management, order fulfilment, shipping and customer service, making it possible for more of these companies to sell directly.

When two industries collide
Until recently, our success was solely dependent upon our ability to adapt effectively to each channel’s systems and processes. However, with our commitment to innovation and continuous process improvement, there are exciting new opportunities emerging. With our supply chain management platform now integrated into an industry leading e-commerce product, it means that organisations not traditionally associated with retail are able to sell directly to their audiences without the hassle of technical integration, stock management, order fulfilment and all the associated logistics.You just have to look at how Apple, a computer manufacturer, has conquered the music industry to understand how innovation can radically alter established markets.

The home shopping channels industry, which includes billion dollar television-based companies, as well as traditional mail order and brick and mortar retailers, allows people to shop for goods from the privacy of their own home. A growing number of TV viewers are already using phones and tablets as ‘second screens’, to do other things while also watching television. Many more also talk about television programming via social networks such as Twitter and Facebook thus amplifying the opportunities.

Advances in technology coupled with growing user sophistication are paving the way for a new breed of ‘TVtailers’ – where the television is the shop window into everyone’s home, the show hosts are the product evangelists with the programmes and ads connecting people directly to the online stores.

This trend is reinforced by the continued growth of online commerce, better digital and interactive devices, the relaxation of product placement regulations and the proliferation of apps designed to enhance the customers’ buying experience.

Now TV production companies, broadcasters, advertisers, even the agencies servicing these organisations can take advantage of this new opportunity earning a retailer’s margin rather than just a ‘click-thru’ commission. Whether the format relates to consumer electronics, fashion, home electricals, DIY or garden equipment, programme makers can sell the products featuring in the show, directly.

The same systems developed to fulfil orders for these media companies and brand owners can also enable newspapers and magazine publishers to sell directly from their publications.

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