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Mio MiVue 788 Connect

by Mio
SKU 121271

No more worry behind the wheel

Today’s roads are hazardous. Overcrowded, fast-moving, full of drivers that aren’t paying attention. Accidents and cash-for-crash scams are on the rise. That’s where the MiVue 785 Touch comes in.

Superior Quality with technology

The MiVue 785 Touch provides flawless footage with Full HD, 140° wide viewing angle and premium quality optic sensor. Every detail on the road will be recorded – including registration plates - even in the dark. Recording starts as soon as you start your car.

You can even save money, as some insurers now offer a discount if you own an approved dash cam.

The MiVue 785 Touch is simple to use. You’ll be up and running within minutes. The user-friendly 2.7” touch screen interface has highly intuitive menus and simple setup to make things effortless.

Safety at the forefront

You want driving to be a safe and secure experience. That’s why we design our MiVue devices with safety in mind.

The MiVue 785 Touch comes with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS), Fatigue Alert (FA) and Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) all add up to maximum peace of mind.

In an emergency, the MiVue dash cam comes into its own. When the 3-axis G-Sensor detects sudden changes in motion, it will instantly save a protected file that can’t be overwritten.

The MiVue 785 Touch also comes with free safety camera warnings that update monthly for the lifetime of the device*.

Drive with MiVue, drive with confidence

MiVue 785 Touch has superior build quality compared to other dash cams. It’s sturdy, smart and sleek, and won’t look out of place on the dashboard of any car. It’s also small enough to stow away easily in the glove box. The picture quality and night-time visibility far outperform other brands.

The GPS system will track your location and driving information accurately and is fully built into the dash cam unit, no annoying external boxes tacked on.

Adaptable to your needs

If you want to add a rear camera the MiVue 785 Touch is fully compatible with the MiVue™ A20 rear camera.

If you add an external power source (such as MiVue™ Smartbox), the dash cam will record in parked mode.


2.7” Touch Screen
Easy-to-use interface that is intuitive and user friendly. Open the box, set-up and you’re ready to go.
Fantastic Picture Quality
Footage is recorded and captured in picture-perfect 1080p full HD at 30fps with Sony’s high quality optic sensor.
F1.8 Aperture Lens
Superb picture quality even in low-light conditions by allowing in more light through the sensor.
Built-in GPS
Recording your journey isn’t limited to the places and cars you pass. The MiVue 766 logs your location and speed on every drive you take.
Safety Camera Alerts
Because your journey matters, the MiVue 766 WIFI comes with pre-installed safety camera alerts that update for the lifetime of the device.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Fatigue Alert (FA) are installed.
Adaptable and Compatible with the MiVue A20 Rear Cam
Cover yourself from every angle with the MiVue A20 Rear Cam (available separately).