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Mio MiVue 751

by Mio
SKU 122033

Picture quality and safety at the forefront

Superb 2.5K picture quality so that your footage cannot be disputed. The MiVue 751 is a new generation dash cam that helps keep you protected while on the road, recording the details that matter. Packed with safety and drive support features, the MiVue 751 dash cam is the roadside companion your dashboard is missing.

How it works

Built to last, the MiVue 751 is your trusted dashboard companion. The device is easy to use: simply set it up, mount it to your windscreen and you’re ready to go. Record your journey as you drive, capturing every detail in QUAD HD footage with 140° wide angle viewing and F1.8 aperture. Whether you’re driving through the day or at night, the MiVue 751 records everything in high quality, capturing registration plates and other details.

With the device’s built-in GPS tracking, your driving information including location and speed are logged on every recording. This vital information is stored and can be used in the event of an insurance claim. For extra peace of mind, the GPS includes speed alerts to keep you under the limit.


2.7" screen
Easy-to-use interface that is intuitive and user friendly. Open the box, set-up and you’ll be ready to go.
2560*1440 QUAD HD recording at 30 fps
Superb quality doesn’t mean limited space. The latest H.264 technology allows you to store high quality videos at a smaller file size.
F1.8 aperture lens
Superb picture quality even in low-light conditions by allowing in more light through the sensor.
Safety Camera Alerts
Because your journey matters, the MiVue 751 comes with pre-installed safety camera alerts that update for the lifetime of the device.
Built-in GPS
The MiVue 751 logs your location and speed on every drive you take. GPS also includes speed alert, to help make sure you’re always driving under the limit.
140° wide angle view
Nothing on the road is missed with the dash cam’s wide angle view. Clearly capture every detail at critical moments with wide dynamic range technology.
Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS) and Fatigue Alert (FA) are all installed.
Adaptable and compatible with the MiVue A20 Rear Cam
Cover yourself from every angle with the MiVue A20 Rear Cam (available separately).