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DNAfit Body Fit

by DNAfit
SKU 131109

Nurture your nature

Because we're all built differently, our long-term health, nutrition and well-being choices should be personal, not general. Use DNAfit’s award winning insights to personalise your diet and nutrition choices to unlock your health potential and achieve your goals.

  • A 360 view of your genes, diet and exercise with Body Fit by DNAfit
  • DNAfit specialises in genetically-guided health and wellbeing solutions, underpinned by rigorous science, delivering long-term, proven results - all from a simple mouth swab
  • Results released in 10 working days
  • Discover your optimal diet type and training intensity response to personalise your fitness and nutrition efforts to reach your goals faster
  • 15 diet insights including: carbohydrate, fat, caffeine, alcohol, and salt sensitivities; lactose tolerance; predisposition to Coeliac disease; antioxidant and micronutrient needs
  • 5 fitness insights including: DNAfit's Peak Performance Algorithm; aerobic trainability; injury predisposition; recovery needs