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Everything Organised & Available

Everything Organised & Available

View a comprehensive catalogue of products & communicate retail promotions and events across an extensive supplier-retailer network.

Stay With The Vanguard

Sourcing the latest products and suppliers can be resource intensive. Browse our categorised catalogue to identify collections and connect directly with sales representatives to confirm selections. Then to maximise sales throughout the year, post key events to attract offers on targeted ranges from key suppliers.

Explore. Discover. Connect.


  • Use the Catalogue app to find new products and suppliers
  • Connect easily with suppliers to source & list new products
  • Initiate the new product listing process direct from the Catalogue app

Create & Communicate Promotions.


  • Share promotions & events with your supplier network
  • Upload events calendar to encourage offers, initiatives & sales opportunities
  • Tailor product on-boarding to your company events & promotional calendar

Two Hearts Are Better Than One.


  • Collaborate with suppliers & colleagues to share products, ranges & promotions
  • Structured content & conversations allows for organised, speedy messaging
  • Connect people & processes to improve performance and inform buying decisions
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